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Fashion Police: Zest Of Lemons | Boston Herald

And that freezer baggie top guarantees freshness. Photo by: Getty Images ORDEAL: Chronically late to parties? Wear this and say, You wont believe what I went through to get here. Dont ask. They wont. 1 Ivana Martini With New York Fashion Week bearing down on us like a setter on a fallen sausage, Ive been busy practicing my borne shoes reactions to the fall collections.
Source: http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/style_fashion/2015/01/fashion_police_zest_of_lemons

Fashion portrait of Rynshu: 'A fashion faux pas? Wearing multiple luxury brands at once' - Yahoo News

In Japan we call these people "Chindon ya." The word usually refers to the traditional street musicians who play to promote certain products or shops. It is also used in a satirical sense. If you were a supermodel wearing your designs? Mr. Aaron Walton, who is also CEO of the American company Walton Isaacson. He has participated in several of my runway shows.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/fashion-portrait-rynshu-fashion-faux-pas-wearing-multiple-164903262.html

Elle magazine asks fashion designer named Elle to drop name: suit | New York Post

Kim Jong Un last year executed another 50 officials on charges ranging from graft to watching South Korean soap operas, South Korean lawmaker Shin Kyung Min said in October after attending a National Intelligence Service briefing. Queen Bee' There are accounts that the wives of North Korean elite used their ties to Ri to "limit the number of officials removed from office due to the Jang purge," Madden said. "What we'll need to watch for is whether Ri Sol Ju becomes Queen Bee among the wives or if that role is assumed by Yo Jong," he said in an e-mail. "They are a quiet but politically influential cohort in the North Korean elite." In public Ri offers a softer side of the Supreme Leader and has been a regular in North Korean propaganda. In 2005, she traveled to South Korea as a teenage cheerleader for North Korean teams at an athletic competition. Seven years later she was revealed as his wife at an appearance with Kim at an amusement park in July 2012.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/kim-jong-un-relies-improbable-160000796.html

Kim Jong Un Relies on Improbable Pair of Women to Extend Power - Yahoo Finance

Photo: WireImage MORE ON: Chic peek! The best and worst September fashion glossies This is shaping up to be one Elle of a fight. Fledgling fashion designer Elle Sasson, whose dad Maurices famous Sasson Jeans put the ooh-la-la in the fashion world in the 1970s, says Elle magazine has targeted her up-and-coming clothing line because they share the same name. Elle magazine ironically has featured Elle Sasson clothes on its Web site and lauded the young womans work, but recently sent her a letter demanding she drop the name Elle because it could confuse consumers, the designer claims in a lawsuit. Elle Sasson was born in 1988. Elle magazine was born in 1945.
Source: http://nypost.com/2015/01/25/elle-magazine-asks-fashion-designer-named-elle-to-drop-name-suit/

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